Shamanic Yoga school

If you are interested in yoga and you are a teacher or an enthusiastic, you will go that extra mile with this specialised course. This course is developed through seminars, and in order to complete the course you will need to attend:

No 1 seminar about Bardo Tösgrol, 2 days, also available online.

No 2 seminars of shamanic yoga, 4 days, also available online;

No 2 seminars of nada yoga, 4 days, also available online;

No 1 shamanic retreat, 4 days;

No 1 summer school or urban enlightenment seminar, 4 days;

No 1 creativity and tantrism seminar, 2 days, also available online;

No 4 days of online teachings about the eastern philosophy and the most important yoga texts;

No 1 seminar of integral yoga;

No 1 seminar of shamanic-tantric yoga;

At the end of this course you will be able to register as a holistic professional in the Aiscon register and teach shamanic yoga and nada yoga.

the scent of the moon


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