Imaginal regression and progression school

Themes developed:

regression to past lives

regression into past memories of the present life (important mainly in cases of suppression due to traumatic events)

regression into the intrauterine life

regression to the transgenerational memories (transgenerational channelling)

regression to the previous deaths and into the passages from death to rebirth.

After the completion of the course you will be allowed to enrol to the imaginal hypnotic regression and progression register, organised and overseen by Aiscon. You will be entitled to operate professionaly in this field.

This course is composed of the following seminars, and in order to complete the course you need to attend:

a live seminar of the length of 3 or 4 days and 3 online courses (10 hours each) which deal with these themes:

what is meant by imaginal regression

how imaginal regression can heal the present

reincarnation beliefs

The Ongon, your guide during a shamanic regression

The trance achieved by means of a relaxation; the evocative key words

The use of the pendulum

The shamanic transit, life/death/life

Stopping the winds of karma

The mirror technique

How to interpret and decipher the authenticity of a regression experience

Future lives: how to get access to them and how to re-elaborate and integrate the samskara, the impressions of the future lives.

Visionary mandala of regression and progression with samskaras of mnemonic concretions (favourite chilhood games, attitudes and skills, places in the world, evocative historical periods, marks on the body, irrational fears, etc…).

Please note: if you attend 3-days seminars of the above course and you want to complete your formation as operator of the regression, you will have to choose an online course related to the same topic.