Laboratory of imaginal creativity

Laboratory of imaginal creativity will help you to:

Believe in your creativity

Stimulate your perceptive abilities

Be inspired by what surrounds you

Develop a daily practice for the attainment of your objectives

Use your memory to activate your imagination

Collaborate in a creative way with a group of colleagues, with your friends, with your children

Plunge into your creative instincts, get access to the unconscious side of the mind in order to find the voice of the imagination

Overcome creative blockages and the fear of failure

Develop a daily practice aimed at maintaining the vibration of your creativity

Give yourself time, permission and nourishment in order to maintain your creativity alive.

Sometimes, looking in the eyes of very successful people you can see that spark of untamed youth rebellion which has never extinguished. Do you remember the creative power that animated you when you were very young? Finding that fire could be determining for the quality of your life. The creative spirit that lives in us, our internal genius,  acts like a player who likes putting the world upside down; it is our daimon which calls us since the beginning of our childhood to a mission through which we can leave a unique trace of our passage on this planet.


Laboratory of creativity in practice

The Laboratory uses the following instruments for the group practices:

The Greek Myth

The tales of the western world

Dreams and synchronicities

Poems, myths, magical formulae inspired by the doctrines of the mysteries of the great oriental masters (Abhinavagupta, Tilopa, Naropa, Milarepa, Ma Gcig, Yeshe Tsogyel, Rumi, etc.).

Imaginal and transgenerational psychology, a way to find the memories of our youth and our ancestors, like sparks of our most original ideas, unique, personal, like the pulsing heart of our daimon.

Creative writing.